A New Speed Breaker System (RBS) as Renewable Energy Generator - Jun 14, 2023


Johan Hartlap, Caroline Shultze

The amount of extracted energy from fossil fuels and renewable energies is limited. The energy is vital need of civilization The cities works with electricitiy. Wind energy generators including gorund mouted and floating ones are propsoed but due to stochastic nature of wind energy, the wind enery is not steady and varies but situation if it is windy or not . Water energy system benefirs water energy of rivers, sea, and damm but the water energy is not possible anywhere. solar energy panel with high efficiency proposed but these solar panels only generates electricty during day and when is not cloudy. In this paper, a new speak breaker proposed and generates electricity by pressure of cars weight pressing the speed breaker. This is new source of energy not exploited yet. The generated electricty can be cosumed locally by street lights.

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The fossile fuels consisted of coal and oil which are extracted from underground and these are limitted will end by end of the centry. Fossile fuel resources is limitted and also renewable energy generation is difficualt and there are limiation in solar power, water power, and biomass energy generation as they are not unlimited and constant flow of energy. The human civilization highly depends on the electrcity and without it the civilization will face serious problems. A huge part of cities works with electricty from home devices and city electrical parts from industry to travel and goverment offices. To solve this problem several solutions proposed so far. The wind energy extraction both at high altides and low altitude, and over the ground proposed. but the wind energy is not predictable and it changes by the time and so it is not reliable energy and more resources of energy is needed to compensate when its is not windly as alternative. Also, ground mounted wind turbines occupies large area and also floating wind farms are complicated to deply and control. The water energy uses flow of river, sea, or wave. The water energy moslt rotate a turbine to rotate a normal generator or moves an sliding generator. but the water energy is feasible only in area that high pressure flow of water exist. . Futhermore, water energy need large and costy structures not possible everywhere. solar energy extraction with solar panel propsoed and the efficiecny of solar panels increased by the time but the solar panel need to be under radiation of the sun rays this energy extraction is possible during day or when the weather is not cloudy. Moreover, the solar panels are expensive. To solve these problems in past solutions, in this paper, . this speed braker system can be installed instead of the normal speak breakers. . Still conventional speed breaker cannot generate electricty and it can be a new source of energy extracting from flow of the cars energy wasted on speed breakers. . Still conventional speed breaker cannot generate electricty and it can be a new source of energy extracting from flow of the cars energy wasted on speed breakers.

The speed breaker energy generator works based on this principle that when car passes the speed breaker it pressed down and sliding electrical generators inside it generates electricity. The sliding electrical generators inside it can be described in this way that is has a sliding part and stationary part. The sliding and stationary parts are shown in Fig.1. The sliding part is over the stationary part. The sliding part made of iron and it has circular shaped poles as seen in the image..
Fig. 1. The sliding generator inside the speed breaker generator consisted of two parts: sliding and stationary parts.
The stationary part is similar to stator in electrical generators because it is stationary and has windings on its poles. The windings on its poles shown in Fig.2 and coils (windings) are shown in red color in the image. The coils are connected together in parallel electrical connected as shown in the image.
Fig. 2. The stationary part which has poles with coils connected together via wire.
The speak breaker generator has three sliding generators as shown in Fig.3. These sliding generators are connected together electrically in series so their voltages are added together..
Fig. 2. The speaker breaker generator has 3 sliding generator inside it.
The three sliding generators are connected to the conventional speed breaker indicated as yellow in the Fig.4. This speaker breaker is pressed down once a car passes over it and it slide down the sliding generators and they generates electrical energy.
Fig. 3. The speed beaker connected over the three sliding generators and presses the generators down once a car passes.
This speed breaker electrical generator will look the same as conventional speed breakers as seen in Fig.5. The only difference is that under ground the sliding generators are positioned..
Fig. 4. The proposed speed breaker generator will look the same as conventional speed breakers.
Once the car wheels passes over the speed breaker it is pushed down the electrical generators are pressed down and they generate electrical energy..
Fig. 5. The car passes over the speaker breaker and it generates electrical energy.
When the speed breaker is pushed down, it should get back to original position. For this purpose three elastic thick bars are considered and positioned inside the system as seen in Fig.7. These three parts act similar to spring and return back the speaker breaker to the normal mode..
Fig. 6. The elestic bars that push back the speed backer to teh default postion after the car passed.
This speed breaker generator generates electricity locally in streets can be consumed locally by street lights. This reduce the cost of delivering electrical energy to these streets. Also, the electrical loss in transmission lines will not happen because the speed breaker generates electricity and it consumed there without need to transmission to distant locations. Also, there are huge number of speed breakers in cities and road that can be replaced with this new speed breaker and will generates electricity. In fact the car flow energy is not exploited practically but this speed breaker electrical generator allow extraction of the cars flow practically and not experimentally like before.

There is active movement toward clean energy generation as the oil and coal resources are dangerous for nature and also are limited will end soon. One of the energy resources which is not exploited commercially is the wasted energy in speed breakers. In this paper a novel speed breaker electrical generator proposed. Its operation principle explained and its parts illustrated. Finally its advantages are discussed..

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