A New Hybrid Transformer with Ability to Extract Wind Energy - May 8, 2023


Thomas Kelly, Johan Siriy

The energy consumtion is increasing and energy generation is hard to increase. Electrical energy is essential for human life and most devices in houses, factoires, shops, city infrastrucres works with electricity. Electrical energy generation using fossile fules where fossile fules is burned to rotate an electrical generator but fossile fules resources are limited and it also has greenhouse effects. The mass like uranium is converted to nuclear power is used to heat water and steam turns turbine to rotate generator to generate electricity but the trash produced by nuclear power stations should be buried but they are dangrous for human, and animal and enviroment. renewable energies such as wind, solar, water powers are extracted to generate electricity but renewable energy generators still a few and more variations of them is needed to be used in different ways. In this paper, a new power transformer with ability to extract wind energy proposed. It not only works as transformer but also extract wind energy and it has low cost compared to conventional wind turbines. It can be electrical distrubution centers, power generation centers where wind turbine was not used but now can be used .

KEYWORDS: Power transformer, wind power, wind turbine, distributed generation

Over the time, more devices are changed from manual to automate using electrical energy Also, by increase in population, expansion of cities, industry the electrical energy consumption increases. The number of buildings, factories, electrical devices in cities increases Also population increases But creating an electrical energy generation station is hard because energy resources are limitted and the locations to deploy them need to satify many criterion For instance a water energy extraction station need to be constructed where damm is possible to be constructed. Almost, any building has several electrical devices and human work with and a part of his daily life relay on it Without electricty, many of automated actions should be done manually. If the electricity intrupted a large part of devices at cities, homes, factories, hospitals stope working. To solve this problem several solutions proposed so far. The generation of electrical energy by fossile fuels is in this way that first fossile fuel is burned to heat water to produce steam and the steam pressure rotate turbine connected to an electrical generator but fossile fules when burned produce CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that causes pollution and also heat up the earth increase its temprature. Also, the fossile fules extraction, delivery, and burning is costy and also the resulted CO2 has adverse effect on environment. Special heavy masses like Uranium during a complex atomic procedure is disapeared and energy is released This energy is in form of heating warms up water produces steam to rotate turbine of electrical generator but the nuclear power station heart is called reactor The reactor produces readio active materials that emits gamma and x rays and are dangrous for biological creaters like human. Futhermore, the nuclear power station is expensive to construct and also expensive in operation, and maintanance. to produce energies without CO2 emission solar energy, water power and wind energy is used to generate electricty but the renewable energy technology is not developed enough and is not mature Still more improvment is renewable energy generators is needed and more types of them need to be invented for different places and situation. Moreover, these renewable energies is easy to extract but the amount of extracted energy is not significant and more number of such generators should built. To solve these problems in past solutions, in this paper, . the transfomer will have a structure that is electrical generator and electrical transformer at the same time A wind turbin is connected to the transfomer shaft. . The transformer role is just to increase or decrease voltage but this transformer also generate electricity and adds to the network. . The transformer role is just to increase or decrease voltage but this transformer also generate electricity and adds to the network.

The transformer consisted for several part The first part is the main iron core. This core is rectangular core which has circular structure inside. The internal circular structure has poles these pole are poles of the electrical generator.
Fig. 1. The iron core of the electrical generator which has poles inside as pole of electrical generator .
The primary winding is on the left side as shown in Fig.2. This transformer is a two phase transformer.
Fig. 2. The primary and secondary winding.
The secondary winding is on the right side as shown in Fig. 3. There are 8 poles the winding of four poles connected to the primary winding and windings of the rest four poles connected to the secondary winding. In fact the primary and secondary windings are still not connected and are isolated. .
Fig. 2. The pole which play role of generator poles has windings connected to the primary and secondary windings.
The rotor of the generator is a circular shaped with magnet poles on it. The rotor rotate inside of the core of the transformer. The core of the transformer plays role of the stator of the generator and core of transformer at the same time..
Fig. 3. The rotor of the generator rotates inside of core of the transformer .
The poles of the rotor of the generator are coupled magnetically with poles of the stator as shown in Fig. 5..
Fig. 4. The electrical simplified model of the hybrid transformer-generator.
The wind turbine is connected to the shaft of the rotor. The wind blows and the wind turbine rotates the rotor inside the stator generates electricity as shown in Fig. 6.
Fig. 5. The wind turbin connected to the rotor rotates the rotor.
This transformer convert transfer the electrical energy also add electrical energy to the transferred energy. The electrical circuit model of the hybrid transformer generator shown in Fig. 7.
Fig. 6. The formula for transfer and conversion process in the hybrid transformer generator.
The transformer already has foundation and ground area devoted to it this reduces the wind power system cost as it befits the found and ground area of the electrical transformer. Also, the generated wind energy from conventional wind turbines needs to be transferred via cables and transmission lines to the nearest distribution system, but in this new system, the wind energy is generated where distribution happens not delivering is needed.

Electrical energy consumption rate is incremental and there is an active seeking for electrical energy generation. To generate electrical energy an new hybrid transformer generator is designed and proposed. The transformer-generator not only changes the violate of electrical energy but also it generate electrical energy as a wind turbine connected to it rotates its shaft All parts of the proposed transformer-generator illustrated . The advantages of the proposed system also described.

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